SITE ANNOUNCEMENT: Please Put Down Your Pencils



All previous stories and comments have migrated to the new site. No new comments will be taken here.

Please join us for some explosive new stories at the new site. And thanks for coming here for your daily Scientology updates.

22 thoughts on “SITE ANNOUNCEMENT: Please Put Down Your Pencils

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        • Ahhh seriously hermesacat no Bieber fever here. How about Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Daniel Lanois. Mmmm kinda reveals my age “52” with lots of living yet to do.

          • Points for Joni Mitchell (she picked up my blind brother who was hitchhiking (!) to her show at the Raven Gallery in Detroit/Southfield, MI) in about 1964, true story….think about that awhile), and Lanois (not to dis the others).

            • Cool story 1 subgenius. Have to put my thinking cap on to see if she made any reference to your bro in her songs. Maybe Hejira? And Lanois, hardly ever meet someone who knows his music and influence on U2 and Peter Gabriel. I introduced a guy I met on a movie that was being shot here in Saint John to Daniels music and he ended up meeting Lanois in a bar in L.A. Small world.

          • Well hello mattekudasi! Don’t forget Rush on your list! I am recovering from an amazing roll of concerts that included Uncle Neil on Nov 19 and Rush on Oct 14… ( rounded out by Soundgarden and the Who). Notice NO BIEBER!! PS I’m 44 with a TON of living left to do 😉

  2. “Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!”

    I remember that expression as a child and was puzzled at its apparently contradictory meaning.

    But I’m older now, and can understand it. That need for constancy and for interregnums to be brief.

    Hurry up, Tony, us addicts get withdrawl symptons!


    • That’s how I always felt about having one’s cake and eating it, too. I never could figure that out as a child. If I was eating it, I was also having it. Where was the paradox? NOW I get it.

      PS: Andrew, I LOVE your posts, BTW.

  3. Pretty please, will the new site include the ability to edit comments? (hope, hope, hope…)

  4. Tony, just so the editors of the “Big List That Left Scientology” [] know what to expect, will this WP account and it’s URLs be archived or deleted?

  5. Can you move it and leave the COS trolls behind? LOL You know like the old story of the people moving while their kids were in school? ha

    COS trolls probably have GPS in their tin foil hats, however.


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